PowerFusion’s vision and mission is to help business large or small grow from local to global by offering the latest Internet technology, effective social media marketing strategies, local search marketing, local advertising, e-commerce online store, WordPress website and customized database driven web application!

Founded in 1997, POWERFUSION INC. has successfully delivered technology and business solutions to its clients for several years. Our tremendous offering and hard work has transitioned in the past years from web based and client/server technologies to Internet and Web Services technologies. POWERFUSION INC. has built a long term relationship with clients. Our reputation of hard work and quality of service has been recognized by groups of communities and companies. Our flexible working strategies and solid industry skills enable POWERFUSION INC. to offer clients continued high quality development with more money saving solutions.

Today, We continue to extend our knowledge base and constantly improve the level of expertise we provide to our clients. We are immersed in the latest technology and trends to ensure our clients can leverage the best solutions technology has to offer. We continue to offer our clients unparalleled service and price in an era of exploded budgets and missed deadlines. Our attention to the needs of our clients and the world in which they do business becomes more actuate and allows us to expand the level and depth of service daily.

As a company devoted to technology and bottom-line results, we continue to strive for new ways to achieve results. This has led us to the development of a variety of proprietary technology solutions such as our content management system and service-based intranet tools. We will continue to develop ideas and solutions that stretch the limits of the online world. Our future is an exciting world of possibility and opportunity. The Internet world changes daily and with it the opportunities to identify advantages for ourselves and our clients. Diligence in pursuing these new areas presents a perpetual challenge and drives us onward. As we continue to establish our place in the online world, we know that the success of our clients is the key. We leap into the future with confidence.

What is 3S philosophy?
Structure business success – A success business is organized. To structure the business into an organized manor is the key to a success business. We utilize the up-to-date database driven technology to structure your business. We help you to build your business’s foundation and consolidate your business plan.
Simplify business process – A simplified business process will help reduce the cost of the business spending and increase the profit of the business. Using modern technology to drive your business with simple mind will help your business success faster and grow stronger. Simplify business means increasing your business opportunities.
Support business growth – A success business without long term support behind the master mind will not last forever. A good support strategy will ensure your business’s long term plan. We help you build your infrastructure and manage your on-going IT need to support your business growth.