Search Engine Optimized WordPress & Customized Website Development


PowerFusion can design, develop and deploy search engine friendly business web site from start to finish. With our strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, database implementation, performance tuning and software architect background, we can help business grow without worries and boost sales from local to global.

PoewrFusion also works very closely with the best blogging platform WordPress to speed up web site building process. With the powerful wordpress blogging platform, PowerFusion can bring a web site live in just hours or days. Check out some of our custom website case studies.

Not like other web design companies, PowerFusion have strong search engine optimization, Internet marketing and web development background. PowerFusion will also help business optimize their WordPress blog or web site to get the best search results.

WordPress RestaurantBuilding a solid and fully functional website is more than building a solid brand. Website is available 24×7 without sleep. Your visitors can visit your website at any time! It’s the best business tool since business card! A content driven website is also a platform to interact with your potential customers! It’s also the best place to engage with your visitors!

WordPress is a great content management system and blogging platform. It is also the most search engine friendly website builder on the Internet.

WordPress Restaurant is a sample website built with WordPress. It shoes how quick and easy a restaurant can start their website in just few days.

As you can see, PowerFusion website is also built with WordPress. To save business owner time and money, PowerFusion use commercial WordPress Template. It give our web developers great selection of themes and tools to completely build the site in just days. It also dramatically lower the cost of designing and building the site from scratch!

Who needs WordPress website?

  • Restaurant
  • Corporation
  • Retail Stores
  • CarWash
  • Nails Spa & Salon
  • Photographer
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Social Network

Do you need to build your website in just few days and want to have total control of your site? Call us and get started today!