Reputation Management & Customer Review Generation

Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing is one of the most powerful local marketing strategies for local businesses. Customer review generation and review monitoring are so-called “Reputation Management”, which is the top choice for WOM. Reputation management helps customer gain brand confidence and increase purchase decision. 

Reputation management and Review Generation are important for local businesses because:


People are likely to trust personal recommendations from other customers who have positive feedback about the local business.

Cost Effective

Customer review requests can be very cost-effective as it is time saving and easy to operate with Powerfusion's reputation management system.

Brand Loyalty

Positive customer testimonials can establish strong brand loyalty, as customers who have a pleasant experience with the brandy are likely to be returned customers

Local Impact

The local community’s opinion can significantly influence success, making positive impression, boost brand confidence & purchase decisions

How Does Reputation Management Work?

Powerfusion Digital Marketing’s Reputation Management Dashboard contains 3 key features and 1 bonus feature. It allows business owner or manager to mange the reviews from one central location. Depends on local business’s local citation source, a local business can track Google, Facebook and many other online reviews. The bonus feature allows local business to embed FILTERED 5-Star Revews on their website. See Powerfusion’s Testimonial Page for example.

Review Requesting

Local business owner can send customer review request in 3 ways. Email, Text Message and Link Sharing.

Review Monitoring

The Reputation Manager Dashboard will track news review on multiple website such as Google Maps and Facebook.

Review Responding

Local business can respond to Google Maps review from the Reputation Manager dashboard directly.

Showcase Reviews

Local business can showcase filtered 5-star reviews on their website with a piece of review widget.

Reputation Management Dashboard

Reputation Management Report

Step 1 - Set Up Customer Review Generation Campaign

Powerfusion’s marketing consulting team will help local business craft 3 types of “Get Customer Reviews” campaigns. Local business owner can choose to send the review request by email, SMS or Link. 

Step 2 - Send "Get Review" Campaign

Once the “Get Review” campaigns are ready, local business can choose to send one at a time or upload a list of customer name, email or phone number of bulk. There is no limited on sending email campaign. However, there is a limit on sending SMS campaign. Contact us for pricing.

Step 3 - Respond To Customer Reviews

Powerfusion’s Reputation Management Dashboard allows the local business owner to respond to customers from the dashboard. Depends on the review site permission and requirement, business owner have the full power of managing the reviews. 

How Much Does Reputation Management Service Cost?

Many large Reputation Management systems out there charge $350 per month with 2-3 year contract.

Powerfusion Digital Marketing & Lead Generation offers 

MONTHLY contract or An ANNUAL contract at discounted price. 

Reach out to our team for the Reputation Management Special Offer today!

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